Hackney & Lange Hearing Clinic Baldivis


Hearing Tests

When you arrive in our Clinic, we will take a detailed case history of your hearing and ear health and assess your individual hearing concerns. We then perform a detailed and non-invasive hearing assessment where we can diagnose the extent of hearing loss, and provide appropriate recommendations based on your individual hearing needs and goals.

Hearing tests and Hackney & Lange Hearing Baldivis
Hearing aids and Hackney & Lange Hearing Baldivis

Hearing Devices

As we are an independent and privately owned clinic, we have the freedom to select and prescribe hearing devices from a wide range of manufacturers. We would recommend hearing devices based on your hearing loss and lifestyle goals. There is always a hearing device to suit every budget. Your private health fund may provide benefits towards the purchase hearing devices. We encourage you to check with your private health fund.

Services & Adjustments

We offer continued support and adjustments for your hearing devices and provide in-house servicing and minor repairs should the need arise.

Hearing device services at Hackney & Lange Hearing Baldivis
Subsidised hearing services at Hackney & Lange Hearing Baldivis

Subsidised services

We are a government accredited provider and you may be eligible to receive subsided services through the Hearing Services Program (HSP) if you are an Australian Pensioner or are a DVA card holder (Hearing Specific or Gold). These services include hearing assessments, subsidies towards hearing devices and continued maintenance and support.

For more information on the Hearing Services Program or to check your eligibility, please click on the following link, or contact us in the clinic and we will gladly assist you.