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Hearing Aids

As an independent hearing clinic, we are able to source hearing devices from a broad range of manufacturers.  At Hackney & Lange Hearing we will help guide you in selecting the hearing solution that will work best for your specific needs.

Hearing aid styles:

In The Ear (ITE)

These hearing aids are custom made to best fit each client. They are available in all technology levels.

Receiver in the ear (RIC)

These hearing aids make use of a near-invisible thin wire, that extends from the hearing aid, over the outer ear and into the ear canal.

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Behind The Ear (BTE)

These hearing aids sit behind the ear and deliver sound into the ear by way of a thin, hollow tube, often attached to a custom made earmold.

Rechargeable hearing aids

No more tiny batteries to deal with! Rechargeable hearing aids are available in the RIC style and some BTE styles. These devices are ideal for those who want a hassle free solution for their hearing needs.

Phonak has been producing hearing solutions for more than 70 years and is a global leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions designed for people of all ages and all degrees of hearing loss.

They are forever challenging the limits of technology in order to provide people with a wide range of hearing devices, even for the most challenging listening environments.

Unitron was established in 1964 and now has a global footprint, delivering an exceptional experience in over 80 countries. They are a hearing solution company that believes people should feel good about the entire hearing care experience, start to finish.
When it comes to hearing care solutions, Unitron is here with a robust product offering an intelligent sound processing to meet the different needs that best suit your lifestyle.

Oticon is a Danish company that started producing hearing devices in the 1940’s and by the 1960’s was a global provider of hearing aids. They are a company that challenges the limits of technology in order to change the lives of people who use hearing aids.

Widex was founded in 1956 in Denmark. It was one of the first manufacturers to offer digitally programmable in-the-ear hearing aids in 1995. Widex wants people with hearing loss to feel more connected and involved with the world around them.

Resound started to manufacture hearing aids in 1946. They continue to develop hearing solutions in order to help those with hearing loss to live active and fulfilling lives.

Signia hearing aids were initially under the brand name ‘Siemens’. They were one of the first companies to produce hearing aids dating back almost 100 years ago. Signia continues to enhance their hearing aid performance based on new innovations.